Please Note: Committee papers will be made publicly available only after they have been ratified at the next meeting of the Committee.

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Date Agenda Papers Notes Papers Minutes
7 December     Minutes of 08.06.16
8 June Agenda
   Minutes of meeting 02.12.15
2 December Agenda
 Guide to Subtitles ,
Introduction to Subtitling,
 Minutes of 04.08.15
4 August Agenda
 Web Accessibility Policy,
 Minutes of Meeting 6th March 2015
6 March Agenda
   Minutes of meeting 2nd October 2014
2 October Agenda - 2 October 2014
26 August Agenda - 26th August 2014 CANCELLED
 Paper A: Accessible Study Rooms; timetabling figures,
 Minutes - 29th April 2014
29 April Agenda - 29 Apr 2014
   Draft notes of 28 Jan 2014 meeting
28 January Agenda
 Draft notes of meeting - 21 Aug 2013,
Paper A - Open Access labs report,
Paper B - Accessible study room survey report,
21 August Agenda for Meeting on 21st August 2013
   Minutes of Meeting 21st August 2013
22 May  Agenda
Accessible Study Room Questionnaire,
 Open Access Labs audit template,
 Minutes of Meeting May 22nd 2013
31 January Agenda
 Creating Accessible VLE's (v2),
Creating Accessible Websites (v2),
 Notes of Meeting - 31st January 2013
21 August Agenda
   Notes of Meeting - 21st August 2012
18 April Agenda
   Notes of meeting - 18th April 2012
21 February Agenda
 Library Audit Update Feb 2012,
 Notes of meeting 25th October 2011
25 October Agenda
Minutes (Action Log) for 12th April 2011
12 April Agenda
   Notes of Meeting
11 January Agenda
 Information Services & Disabled Staff,
Opening IS Services for Disabled Staff & Students,
 Notes of Meeting 11th January 2011
29 November Agenda
 Information Services and Disabled Staff,
Information Services and Disabled Students,
IS Services for Staff and Students,
Possible Action Points,
 ISDAG Notes of 20th August 2010
24 August  Agenda
Accessible Software,
 Draft Information Services leaflet for disabled staff,
Draft IS Service Leaflet for students,
IS Web Assessment,
10 May Agenda
9 June Agenda
 DED Action Points Updated,
Disability Information Officer Report,
IS Accessabiltiy Event,
ISDAG Annual Report Draft,
 Minutes of meeting 31.03.09
31 March Agenda (revised)
 DES Action Points (March revised) Paper A,
Disability Information Officer Report,
Draft of Annual Report (paper A2),
Outline of Possible ISDAG Event,
What would an Accessible IS look like?,
13 January  Agenda
Action Points Paper A,
 DIO Report,
 Minutes of 14th October
14 October Agenda
 DES Action Points paper B,
15 July Agenda
 Disability Advisory Group Remit,
Disability Equality Scheme Action points,
Disability Information Officers Report,
ISDAG Annual Report,
 Minutes of Meeting 15th March
15 April Agenda
 An update on progress made toward the Disability Committee's Technology Strategy,
Disability Information Officer Report,
ISDAG Annual Report 2007/2008,
 Minutes of meeting held on 07 February 2008
7 February Agenda (PDF) 07 Feb 08
 Combined papers (PDF) 07 Feb 08,
Guidelines H&S Review (PDF),
Paper A (PDF) Audit System Update,
Paper B (PDF) Update on MLRP Issues,
Paper C (PDF) SCURL Special Needs Group,
 Paper M (PDF) Notes of Meeting 14 Nov 2007
14 November Agenda (PDF) 14 Nov 07
 Combined papers (PDF) 14 Nov 07,
Paper A (PDF) Job Description,
 Paper M (PDF) Notes 12 Sept 07
14 October Agenda
12 September Agenda (PDF) 12 September 2007
 Paper A (PDF) Actions from meeting held on 23 May 2007,
Paper B (PDF) Revised Structure of ISDAG,
Paper C (PDF) Technical Support for Audit System,
Paper D (PDF) Fire Evacuation in Main Library,
 Notes of Meeting 23 May 2007 (PDF)
23 May Agenda (PDF) 23 May 07
 Paper B (word) Actions from 12 March 07,
Paper B (PDF) Actions from 12 Mar 07 Updated,
 Notes of Meeting 12 March 07 (PDF)
Report from Lorna Thomas and Architect Mar 07 (PDF)
12 March Agenda (PDF) 12 March 07
 Paper B (PDF) Web Audit Tracking Report Feb 07,
 Paper A (PDF) Notes of meeting 11 Dec 06
11 December Agenda (PDF) 11 Dec 06
 Disability Equality Scheme (PDF),
Paper B Development of IS Disability in IS,
 Notes of Meeting 18 Nov 06 (PDF)
Notes of Meeting 18 Nov 06 (PDF)
Paper C - Notes Special Meeting 21 Nov 2006
21 November Agenda (PDF) 21 Nov 06
18 October Agenda (PDF) 18 Oct 06
   Paper A (PDF) Notes of meeting 15 Aug 06
15 August Agenda (PDF)
 Disability Equality Duty April 06 (PDF),
Disability Equality Duty website link (PDF),
ISDAG Report to IS Ex Jun 06,
Paper C (PDF) DDA Action,
 Notes from meeting 24 May 2006 Paper A (PDF)
Paper A (EXL) Notes of meeting 15 Aug 06
24 May Agenda (PDF)
 Disability Audit Application WA May 06,
IS DAG Report May 06 (PDF),
 Notes from meeting 20 April 2006 Paper A (PDF)
20 April Agenda (PDF)
   Notes of Meeting on 13 March 2006 (PDF)
13 March Agenda 13 March 06 (PDF)
   Paper A Notes for Meeting of 23 Jan 06(PDF)
23 January Agenda (PDF)
   Notes of Meeting on 19 December 2005 (PDF)
19 December  Agenda (PDF)
Paper B How to carry out a Disability Audit for your service (PDF),
Paper C - IS DAG Report December 2005 (PDF),
 Paper D -Report on Progress of Sub Group Dec 05 (PDF),
 Paper A Draft Notes for Meeting on 14 Nov 2005 (PDF)
14 November Agenda (PDF)
   Paper A Draft Notes for Meeting on 11 Oct 2005 (PDF)
Paper A Draft Notes for Meeting on 11 Oct 2005 (word)
11 October Agenda (PDF)
   Paper A Notes21 Sept 2005 (PDF)
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